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Arbitrage of TTS for Consuming Information

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

One part of increasing efficiency of consuming information on a regular basis is finding efficient ways to do so.

I've found it important to reduce eye strain and enable information consumption while doing menial tasks.

Towards the same, I use text to speech software on text sources of information to get an arbitrage of consuming information quickly.

I've shared a few software I use for this on my Substack as the last part of an article.

Here are the software I use:

  1. Android: I use the @Voice Aloud app and copy and share text from emails to the app. I’ve also found the Speaking mail app helpful but it frequently faces technical glitches and is built to skip over newsletters rather than focus on them.

  2. Windows: I use the ReadAloud app. I copy-paste multiple newsletters from an email client into the app and let it read out the newsletters.

  3. Mac: I use the in-built narrator by selecting all text in an email in an email client and reading it out.



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