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Announcing Webinar: Measure & Improve Customer Experience as a PM

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

This is an announcement-style article about an upcoming talk and related upcoming articles.

I’m glad to share that in my next webinar with Product School, I’ll get to chat about customer experience, my favorite theme in Product Management. I’ll share my perspective on how to understand, measure, and improve customer experience (CX). I find CX to be an exciting and never-ending challenge in product management.

Webinar Announcing post for Measure & Improve Customer Experience as a PM, featuring Harshal Patil

What will you hear in the webinar?

I’ll share 4 tips to measure and improve CX that I stumbled upon over the last few years.

Tip #1 Data + Empathy

As a Product Manager, you benefit from mixing anecdotes and data to have an understanding of customer needs. We’ll take one case study related to this article to look at how to combine three layers of customer insights.

Tip #2 Signals + Metrics

You can track the success metrics of your product launch better by defining output metrics vs intermediary signals of progress. We’ll use a case study to look at defining input vs output metrics. Due to the latency in updates of output metrics, we’ll see how to find intermediate signals that show the success or failure of a product launch.

Tip #3 Process + Product

Sometimes you need to drive stakeholder alignment and internal process changes to improve customer experience. We’ll use another part of the same case study in changing the process of a few customer-facing teams to improve customer experience.

Tip #4 Checklist

If you haven’t read Checklist Manifesto by Dr. Atul Gawande, I’ll summarize my takeaway as 1) have a checklist of steps to do for everything you do such as heart surgery or a product launch 2) prepare for crisis or unexpected events (black swans?) by having a checklist of communication so that the cross-functional check-ins guide the path forward.

You can build your own checklist for product launch and for communicating with customers to ensure you have your metrics ready, your communication is well received, and you are driving the desired customer behavior. I discussed this earlier in this article.

How to Register?

You can register for the event from Product School here on LinkedIn.

When is the event?

The webinar is on Aug 10th, 11:30 am Pacific Time. Timezone converter link.

Is the webinar related to Twilio?

The title shown on this Product School webinar is “former Staff Product Manager at Twilio” because it’ll attract more audience with the Twilio brand, although I’ve been transparent with PS and on LinkedIn that I’ve left Twilio and started my own venture. It is not a webinar about Twilio although my experiences at Twilio influence my product management learnings.

Will the webinar have Q&A?

The webinar will have Q&A in the LinkedIn live chat. For any unresolved questions, I’ll post a follow-up article here. I’ll also share additional resources and how-to articles to gain more value from the talk. If you haven’t, please subscribe to not miss the details.

Originally published at on Jul 6 2022



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