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I am a product of my experiences... I am a consultant and career coach solving challenges for Product Managers. Before this, I was a Product Manager in a growth-stage tech company and am a former engineer, having worked across company sizes ranging from 30 to 76,000 employees.
Having lived on three continents, I’ve had the opportunity to absorb varied cultures, cuisines, and working styles.
Lastly, I’ve found it fun to immerse myself in reading social psychology, tasting desserts from different cuisines with my wife, and playing in parks with my toddler.

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Career, Education, Nonprofit History

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2022 - Present


I started Spark Creative Technologies in 2022 to address challenges faced by businesses and employees in the product management space. Leveraging previous experiences, I provide product consulting to businesses and PM career coaching to aspirants or early-in-career Product Managers.

2018 - 2022


I owned part of Twilio's SaaS platform with the aim to enable accurate usage and flexible reporting for customers. I also led part of Twilio's efforts to build trust in the U.S. texting ecosystem by making KYC easy. I had the opportunity to lead a cross-functional effort to improve customer experience by reducing support queries by improving UI, launching features, and streamlining processes. I identified and prioritized customer needs by getting hands-on with support teams, reading 1000s of tickets, interviewing dozens of customers, and using analytics services to get detailed usage metrics. Thanks to the insights gained along the way, I launched a redesigned product, reduced manual workflows, and increased the accuracy of the system. I also had the opportunity to enable $xxM sales deals by adding customization capability to the system.

2019 - 2019


I led product design for my hackathon team for a new service being launched by for a new segment of netizens dealing with anxiety and depression.
My team was recognized on twitter and on uxplanet. I researched user needs based on demographics and focus groups, conducted tertiary research for building a strong conversion funnel for sign ups, and build mock-ups to lead the team to implement UI for the new service.

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2018 - 2018


I worked on future growth strategies for new cloud-based Customer Experience products, leveraging the vast amounts of data TeleSign and BICS generate each year. I've had the opportunity to build pricing models, contribute to company-level strategy, and work hands-on with the software development and data science teams to improve products.

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2016 - 2018


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2017 - 2017


I brought a team of 5 classmates at UCLA together to consult Arodhum for it's expansion in rural India, including identification of donor profiles, appropriate messaging, and meaningful metrics.

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2017 - 2017


I interned as a Product Manager in establishing a strategy to implement Machine Learning in a SaaS product. I built a product roadmap which reduced time-to-market and obtained buy-in from multiple cross-functional teams to adopt the roadmap changes.
I relied on my newly-gained Machine Learning expertise from my undergrad coursework, online courses, and internal/external experts to translate user needs to technical requirements. My passion for ML continued via programming projects beyond my internship.

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2016 - 2016


I established a feature roadmap that increased revenue by interviewing customers across 30 organizations and spearheaded brainstorming with cross-functional teams.
To investigate customer retention, I coordinated with engineering, sales, finance, and installation teams, conducted competitive analysis, and investigated end-user needs and found this approach to be a very enriching experience.

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2014 - 2016


​I led volunteer teachers in weekly teaching sessions for under-privileged children and nurtured partnerships with other international NGOs for organizing events for 300 children. I also managed 1/3rd of the organization budget for infrastructure development at the schools.

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2014 - 2016


I continued to drive best practices and mentor fellow engineers at Broadcom in a role with more focus on user experience and customers and was awarded the "Special Performer of the Team" award.
I drove product innovation in a new wireless technology to provide Internet to 4B individuals in rural regions and smart cities via Google and Facebook's initiatives. I identified product differentiation based on customer segments and took new algorithms from conceptualization to commercialization in collaboration with cross-functional teams.

2015 - 2016


Madhu Mansion is a charitable orphanage which was struggling with perennial fund crunch.
I co-led a volunteer team and resolved fund-crunch by facilitating development of promotional messaging and setting up an online presence, increasing charitable visits by 700%.

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2012 - 2014


I engineered cost-saving processes for the market entry of smartphones to the price sensitive markets of India and China (Motorola, OnePlus, etc.), contributing to a record 400M smartphone sales. I was awarded the Qualstar recognition 4 times in these two years.
I led power verification and collaborated with 10 international teams. One of my project powered the iPhone 7.

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2008 - 2012


Academic: 99.8 %ile in IIT-JEE entrance exam
Projects: Algorithm to recognize audio tones from piano; Artificial Intelligence based game; psychological study to understand biases towards women
Leadership: Antaragni - national-level cultural competitions
Activities: Electronics Club, Music Club, Techkriti - national-level technical competitions

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