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Why Building Features Won't Solve Your Customer Problems - Here's What You Need to Do Instead

Product Camp Dublin: June 2024

I’ll share lessons I learned in making feature launches discoverable and measurable. I stumbled from one mistake to the next to achieve a reduction in customer support tickets by 40%, when I was a Staff Product Manager at Twilio.

You can give feedback on the talk here:

Product Camp Dublin Building Features Harshal talk
Harshal's Product Camp Dublin 2024 talk slide deck

I took inspiration from Dan Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness book cover.

Have you ever launched a feature but didn’t see customers use it?

How do customers find out about your product's features?

I refined my topic and content based on my experience presenting last year at Product Camp. I will use one topic from my work as a Staff Product Manager at Twilio. The session is tailored to address the interests and challenges faced by B2B, B2C, and B2E (internal) PMs.

This session will be hands-on, but you don't need to bring anything. I'll provide pens and paper for our activities in the hall.

I’ll share supplementary content on this topic through substack or here: 


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