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References for Getting Your First PM Job via Product School

Updated: Jun 11

I realized from recent interactions that there was some amount of overlap between my readers for articles and the audience for the Product School talk on Getting Your First PM Job. So, this was an easy approach for me to share reference material from the talk and point to more resources around product management and job hunt.

I do not have a way to add slides, PDFs, or detailed images to the article on Substack, so I’ve linked to the information. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.


Firstly, here is a recording of the talk. The talk was pre-recorded so this is the version of the recording I had submitted to Product School. Getting Your First PM Job

You can see Product School’s telecast of the talk here on LinkedIn.

Slide Deck

You can find the slide deck with speaker notes here. The speaker notes include some more explanations for the slides. I hope this helps:

  1. Reviewing the information

  2. Adding your notes to the PDF ‘handout’ for future reference

  3. Referring to more details in the speaker notes

  4. Clicking on the URLs to save time searching


Here is a sample spreadsheet to maintain a list of companies and help prioritize and rank them. Company List Sample

Here is a sample spreadsheet to maintain a list of potential champions you’ve talked to, to help you remember to stay in touch and remember when you reached out to them and where. Networking Tracker Sample


Here is an example of preparing a psyche profile for informational interviews and interviews. Psyche Profile Sample

Here is an example of preparing for a company for interviews. Company Research Sample


You can add your questions to event #18265 at

Based on the questions that come up across channels including slido, I can address those in a follow-up article.

I want more

You can read the follow-up post on FAQs here.

Originally published at on Jan 26, 2021



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