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Summarizing Ways to Measure & Improve Customer Experience as a PM

The 4 takeaways I covered in my webinar with Product School.

I would like to summarize the takeaways from my Aug 2022 talk on Measuring and Improving Customer Experience as a PM viz. Product School.

I first published this on Substack on AUG 10, 2022.

This is a summary of the talk. I shared slide deck, additional resources, answers to FAQs, and how-to articles, in separate articles.

What did we cover in the webinar?

I shared 4 tips to measure and improve customer experience that I stumbled upon in my recent experiences.

Tip #1 Data + Empathy

As a Product Manager, you benefit from mixing anecdotes and data to have an understanding of customer needs. We looked at one case study from this article to look at how to combine three layers of customer insights.

This tip will help you right from the start of your product cycle because it will help you uncover the customer needs and help you go beyond first-level thinking.

Tip #2 Signals + Metrics

Are you heading towards success or failure?

You can track the success metrics of your product launch better by defining output metrics vs intermediary signals of progress. We used a case study to look at defining input vs output metrics. Although output metrics are values the business derives such as an increase in revenue, they are delayed or may be influenced by external factors. We saw how to find intermediate signals that show the direction of a product launch.

This tip will help you at the time of launching your product and beyond that step.

Tip #3 Process + Product

Some Product Managers consider product features much cooler than process changes. I understand that.

However, sometimes you need to drive stakeholder alignment and internal process changes to improve customer experience. We used another part of the same case study in changing the process of a few customer-facing teams to improve customer experience. It showed how despite a good product, customers had a bad experience, whereas changing the process fixed the experience problems.

This tip will help you when ideating solutions for a customer problem.

Tip #4 Checklist

You can build your checklist for product launches and customer communication to ensure you have your metrics ready, your communication is well received, and you are driving the desired customer behavior. I discussed this earlier in this article.

This tip will help you plan your go-to-market plan, a.k.a launch plan.

What information will I follow up with?

I’ll share the slides along with speaker notes via my newsletter so that you can get them straight into your inbox. I’ll also share additional resources and how-to articles to help you gain more value from the talk.

What about FAQs from the event?

In my follow-up article here, I’ll respond to questions from the talk.

I first published this on Substack on AUG 10, 2022.



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