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A Year in Reflection: Most Popular And Bizzare Posts From My 2023 Blog

Wrap Up With Analytics, Bizarre Blog Bites, And Surprises From HackerNews And Reddit

As we wrap up 2023, I look back at the most-read posts and some bizarre blog bites. 

In 2023, I wrote 52 posts, one for each week. Here's a quick recap for this Substack.

thumbnails of blog archive.
thumbnails of blog archive.

3 Most-Read Posts Of 2023

My top post compared solo entrepreneurship with a full-time product manager role. It got lots of attention after a reader shared it on Hacker News. It reached the front page of Hacker News. 50% of all views of my blog were just to this article.

This post was about switching from a normal keyboard to an ergonomic one. I shared it in relevant discussions on Reddit and Slack communities, which drove traffic to it.

This was my synthesis of my talks with 40+ consultants and agency owners. One reason it was popular was I shared it with people I interviewed and with anyone who wanted to know about starting a consultancy.

Readers reached the most read post via hacker news. It got 50% of all traffic.
Readers reached the most read post via hacker news. It got 50% of all traffic.

My takeaways:

  • Topic Breadth Matters: The broader the topic, the more it will be read. For example, there will be fewer views to “Customer Journey Maps” and more views to “ergonomic mechanical keyboards”. I see this pattern on my Youtube channel as well.

  • Distribution Boosts Readership: The more a topic is distributed, the more it will be read. For example, pieces I could share on Reddit or Slack communities got more reads.

  • Going big on Hacker News is a big deal!

I wrote more of my analysis of how readers discover my content here.

The Bizarre Blog Bites Of 2023

Here are the posts that were most bizarre or extreme in some way or most read in some category.

What’s Next In 2024?

Here are some articles coming up:

  • Make chatGPT write in your style, your tone: step-by-step guide

  • Navigating behavioral questions in PM interviews

  • Analysis of my content audience, treating my content as my product.

  • A deep dive into my macro management and meal prep

Your interest in reading boosts my energy to write. What are your topics of interest? What do you want to read more of in 2024?



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