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How Was Your After-School Application Process?

Updated: May 13

11 Parents Had These Experiences When Applying To After-Care For Their Children.

Welcome to our series exploring the Irish education system through our personal journey to find the right school for our son. Based on our conversations with 24 families, each post dives into a different aspect of choosing a primary or secondary school.

Kid stressed from the after-school application process.
Kid stressed from the after-school application process.

Q: How was your after-school application process?

11/24 Parents had these experiences when applying to after-care for their children:

Easy Process: 5/11 parents mentioned the straightforward and hassle-free nature of the application process for after-school programs.

  • "The process to apply for the after-school program was straightforward, being their first year applying. Appreciated the ease of the process."

  • "Joining the school's after-school activities was easy; it operated on a first-come, first-served basis."

Last-Minute Availability and Changes: 2/11 parents pointed out the variability and uncertainty in after-school care availability, such as last-minute openings and the need to adjust plans due to unexpected changes in the availability of preferred programs. One parent pointed out that you might be offered unexpected opportunities when a spot opens up for you at an after-care you prefer.

  • "Starting the after-school search earlier might not have made a difference. A fellow parent found placements late in the summer, indicating availability can open up unexpectedly."

  • "Initially attracted to St. Olaf's because of its connection to Park Academy after-school, we had to adjust when it closed. Now, the boy is on the waiting list for Narnia at Balally Luas station, The Little School in Airfield, and Dundrum Montessori."

Impact of Communication: 3/11 parents emphasized the importance of having good contact with program administrators because it facilitated a smoother application process.

  • "They had a good contact person, which made the process smooth."

Application Timing: 2/11 parents discussed the application timing, such as whether starting the search earlier or later influenced their success in securing a spot. Parents strongly recommended applying to after-care as many years early as possible. 

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