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Any Other Advice For Parents Whose Kids Are Entering Schools In Ireland?

Updated: May 13

9 Parents Gave Advice In These Themes.

Welcome to our series exploring the Irish education system through our personal journey to find the right school for our son. Based on our conversations with 24 families, each post dives into a different aspect of choosing a primary or secondary school.

Children swapping school advice with each other.
Children swapping school advice with each other.

Q: Any other advice

9/24 parents gave advice in these themes:

Application Strategy: 4/9 parents adviced applying to multiple schools to maintain options. Cast a wide net to increase the likelihood of acceptance and choice.

  • "Mom advises applying to many schools to keep options open."

  • "Advises applying broadly to schools and after-school programs, emphasizing the use of local networks and resources for assistance in the application process."

  • "It's helpful to apply to both Educate Together (ET) and Catholic schools to keep options open."

  • 1/9 parent mentioned applying to schools one at a time to avoid needing to chose early, less preferred offers.

  • "When applying to schools, if you apply to all at once, you might end up with an offer from a less preferred option and feel compelled to accept it."

School Type and Philosophy: 4/9 parents paid significant attention paid to the type of schools—whether religious, secular, private, or public. parents discussed their considerations regarding the school's educational philosophy, religious orientation, and whether the school's values align with their family's beliefs.

  • "Mom observes that some parents are hesitant to apply to ETNS due to its strong stance on equal treatment (very few prizes or recognitions) and LGBT friendliness, preferring more discipline."

Education Continuity: 1/9 advised you to ensure a continuous educational path from primary through secondary levels. They prioritized schools that offer both levels to avoid the need for transitions and to provide a stable learning environment over the years.

  • "When choosing schools, prioritize those offering both primary and secondary education to ensure continuity."

Special Needs and Support: 1/9 parents suggested to think of support for children with special needs, such as ADHD. They discussed the importance of selecting schools that provide adequate support and resources for diverse learning needs.

  • “Public schools may not effectively address bullying.”

  • “Be careful and consider support for ADHD at ET schools. Special teaching might be a challenge.”

Financial Considerations: 2/9 parents mentioned financial constraints and the impact of school fees. Public primary schools are covered by government. But the parents mentioned the affordability of schools, especially private ones.

  • "Be aware of the hidden costs associated with private schooling and start the application process early to secure a spot."

  • "The financial aspect is a significant reason why people don't send their children to Nord. In the first few years, the fees are about 1,500 EUR per month."

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