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How Does Your Primary School Choice Align With Your Choice Of Secondary Schools?

Updated: May 13

14 Parents Considered Secondary And Feeder Schools In These Themes For Their Children.

Welcome to our series exploring the Irish education system through our personal journey to find the right school for our son. Based on our conversations with 24 families, each post dives into a different aspect of choosing a primary or secondary school.

Children sit in a classroom and write notes.
Children sit in a classroom and write notes.

Q: Are there any secondary schools you are considering for your child? How does your primary school choice align with it, for example, as a feeder school?

14/24 Parents considered these secondary and feeder school themes for their children:

Geographical Proximity and Logistics: 6/14 parents prioritized geographical proximity when considering secondary schools. They preferred schools within a reasonable commuting distance. Their goal was to align with their daily routines and family logistics.

  • "We're considering St Tiernan's Community School due to its proximity and mixed-gender policy."

  • "Advises applying broadly to schools and after-school programs, emphasizing the use of local networks and resources for assistance."

Educational Continuity and Feeder Schools: 5/14 parents considered the importance of educational continuity. Parents focus on feeder schools that ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary education. Parents look for schools that have established relationships or direct transitions to specific secondary schools.

  • "St. Andrews was the primary feeder school, with Newpark as another option boasting great facilities."

  • "Holy Cross serves as a feeder school for Benildus, which is the only secondary school Mom is interested in for her kids."

2/14 parents mentioned not focusing on feeder schools. They wanted to be open to moving abroad and another preferred a broader primary schooling experience instead of choosing a primary school for a secondary school.

Specialization and Curriculum Preferences: 3/14 parents preferred schools that offer specific programs or curricula, such as minimal religious education, industrial drawing classes, or advanced robotics clubs. These specialized offerings align with their child’s interests or their educational values.

  • "Has heard positive things about Goatstown Educate Together Secondary School, which offers an industrial drawing class and a robotics club."

1/14 parent highlighted specific programs like industrial drawing and robotics, which are not typically mainstream priorities.

Long-term Educational Strategy: 4/14 parents considered the long-term educational trajectory, including high school and potential university education. They thought about how the secondary school will prepare their children for higher education and life beyond.

  • "Nord goes up to the 12th grade, which is important to us because in Irish secondary schools, there is an optional gap year."

  • "Initially, we thought about sending the older kid to a private secondary school in Howth for better exposure and to avoid teenage problems."

2/14 parents expressed concerns about the standard Irish educational system not adequately preparing for top universities, leading them to consider alternative educational strategies.

Uncertainty and Flexibility: 5/14 parents were uncertain about the future, such as potential moves to other countries or changes in their personal circumstances. This lead them to adopt a more flexible approach to planning for secondary education.

  • "Haven't considered secondary schools or feeder schools due to plans to move to India in a few years."

  • "We're not focusing too much on secondary schools yet since it's still a few years away and we might move."

1/14 parent is involved in a focus group to establish a new Educate Together Secondary School, showing proactive planning despite general uncertainty.

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